Ways to Invest

We engage with our clients by using our unique risk management investment approach in any number of ways. Our goal is to meet or exceed our clients' investment expectations with lower downside volatility than might otherwise be expected. Clients can access our expertise by investing in a mix of carefully-chosen mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and individual company stocks. We also offer a focused core portfolio that is actively managed using primarily Large Cap, dividend paying stocks. We deliver our investment strategies in all types of accounts including IRAs, 401Ks, Trusts, UTMAs, and other structures.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Full commitment and passion of a well-matched team of two managing principals.
  • Unique investment process, innovatively adapted from the risk management methodologies of various engineering fields.
  • Focused, disciplined, systematic, and scalable investment process.
  • Our investment philosophy allows us to attract investors, following difficult market times, as we focus directly on avoiding downside risk. This investment approach is a particularly effective solution for investors bruised by the market swings of the current economy.
  • We are not event driven or dependent upon access to immediate information.
  • Our investment process is designed to be independent from personal interaction with the management & investment staff of any company in which we invest and hold in the portfolio.
  • We are fully dedicated to the values of integrity, fairness, consideration and openness.


To minimize costs and maximize returns we chose two very efficient custodians: Scottrade and Interactive Brokers*.

Working with Scottrade our investors enjoy low transaction costs and a very extensive selection of mutual funds, including thousands of Non Transaction Fee (NTF) funds. Our goal is to utilize this selection to construct efficient and risk-averse portfolios to match the investment needs of our clients. The portfolios held in Scottrade are primarily comprised of mutual funds, supplemented with ETFs and individual stocks.

With fast and stable trade executions and ultra low transaction costs on stocks, Interactive Brokers (IB) is a logical pairing with Scottrade. Our clients' portfolios held in IB are mainly constructed of individual stocks and ETFS. Our proprietary Focused Active Management Strategy portfolio is maintained in individual client accounts with IB.

We utilize our own risk management approach to build and maintain our clients' investment portfolios.