We develop and maintain a professional, individual relationship with each of our clients. Our focus is on building trust through transparency and accessibility. With this as a foundation, we recognize that each investor is unique, and therefore, we devote our time and resources to really listen, understand, and work together with each of our investors.

As a practice, we communicate with our clients often, in addition to offering regular face-to-face meetings. Our objective in these interactions is to work with each client to assess and continually update her or his unique financial situation and investment goals. We recognize that each client may require a different degree of detail regarding our investment approach. We welcome our clients' questions and are happy to provide as much detail as requested. We believe that knowledge is power.

We are a fee-only financial services organization. With our focus on each of our clients, we do not earn any compensation from a commission from the sale of any particular product, company, or fund. We are paid a fee based on the assets that we manage (AUM) for each client. We do well when our clients do well.

Generally, our initial financial assessment, as well as all of our individual portfolio construction is included in our overall fee-based service. We also offer additional services at an hourly fee or on a fixed fee basis. These services include separate financial planning work, estate planning consultation, insurance review, and annuity evaluation. To assure our impartiality, we do not sell any insurance or annuities.

Ultimately, we are fiduciaries. This is a role we take very seriously. To us, it means that we will work tirelessly to make certain that your financial circumstances while working with us become more secure and more efficient, and finally, more consistent with your overall vision for your financial life.

We focus on our clients' financial goals. We do well when our clients do well.